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According to me, a ‘MAP’ could be described as, ‘Mark your Accurate Position’ in any place/town/country!

Delhi Maps

In today’s world, there are so many opportunities to explore a place, one can use the internet, i-phones, etc… but nothing could be better than having a physical map at hand, because the maps provides more visibility and portrays a better picture of any place/city. The maps are available according to region wise, i.e. separate maps are available in portraying the four direction of the Delhi city, namely, South Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi and West Delhi. Getting these maps on hand would be really useful to explore the city. If you know the place very well, then i-phones and other internet application phones could help you, otherwise you cannot find the details of the places from the mobile phones and GPS. These maps could be found in the internet, or if you are a tourist, then you could collect such maps from the hotel, where you are staying. In Delhi, most of the people speak in Hindi and if you do not know Hindi, then it would be difficult to even verify the directions and routes, hence having such maps on hands would be really useful. The Delhi maps could be further categorized into the following types:

Road Maps

There are two ring roads in Delhi, namely the inner ring road and the outer ring road, accounting to a total length of 84km, but, these ring roads are really crowded. Hence having a road map illustrating the road directions and its connectivity with other roads could be in fact a true companion in guiding you during your road trips in Delhi, especially in the places like, Connaught Place, which is the neuron of Delhi city by providing home to many business centers, shopping malls and markets, etc… it is one of the congested places in the Delhi city. It comprises of circles in the middle of the place and several radial roads disperse from these circles to other street/roads and other places in the Connaught Place. Hence, by having a map you could easily mark the direction of the roads.

Metro Maps

You could find the metro maps in the official website of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. You could get the specific details of your journey, comprising of station details and junction details by specifying the ‘starting station’ and the ‘destination station’ details, which are provided in the metro’s official website. The details such as, the stoppings information, interchange station information are provided in detail and specific route details would also be provided according to the colors. Each color represents specific route details of the Delhi city.

Monuments/Sightseeing maps

In the internet, you could find various websites providing maps and direction details to areas in and around the Delhi city, in particular to the monuments and sightseeing spots in Delhi. The point to be remembered is that Delhi is known for its monuments’ beauty and hence, would be crowded, most of the times. Thus it is advisable to know the routes connecting to different sightseeing spots in Delhi, even if you travel in a cab. This is because, you would know, whether the driver is taking you safely in the proper routes.

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